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Published on May 25, 2007 By AzDude In OS Customization
Starting soon fellow Rat Packers will rejoice in a New Award presented for the Best original Weekly Design(Concept)in Screenshots This Award will be decided on by Myself(AzDude) and Curtis( Cp )Plair and will be posted either here as an article or as a screenshot if allowed by WC .... not to compete with their (WC) own SS of the Day but a special Award for the die hard Screenshot Artist who Displays the Best Effort for the past week and is a true and blue " Rat Pack " member ...... Why ??? you asked, because it's " FUN " .. in the end it's all about the FUN !!! > Preview Shot: Rat Pack Award
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on May 25, 2007

The " Rat Pack " takes care of it's own !!
on May 26, 2007
What say Ye to 2 new members to the pack ?

1- Fairyy

2- Terigw

I vote Yes , let them In ... do I have a second ?
on May 26, 2007
This may just cause the Rat Pack membership to increase.

I wonder after receiving a given number of Golden Rat Awards (five, ten etc.) the RP'er could enter a Hall of Fame. Once there they would be part of the panel to help pick winners of the Golden Rat Awards.

Of course if they are on the panel they couldn't receive the award. Just a thought I had.  
on May 26, 2007
You have a second.   
on May 26, 2007
Stole this from GreenReaper    
on May 26, 2007
very good idea philly a " Hall of Fame "

as of now though we will have to be on the honor roll
as far as keeping count , untill a better plans evolves

unless we have a volunteer for someone to act as secretary and book keeper so to speak !

Cp and myself will be busy with other chores ...
on May 26, 2007
Fairyy and Terigw ..

Welcome to the " Pack " It's Official your " Rats " Now !!
on May 26, 2007
We are thinking to Post this Award every MONDAY

starting this Monday the 28th of May and each
Monday there after

anyone not OK with this ?
on May 26, 2007
Cp , just jump in here at will with your 2cents worth
afterall this is your puppy too !!
on May 26, 2007
You guys are toooo much! What a riot.       
on May 26, 2007
Do we get to wear a Tiara ?
on May 26, 2007
Fairyy will this do ??
on May 26, 2007

Fairyy and Terigw except the Honor as Newest Members to the Pack !!
on May 26, 2007
Well...seeing that i'm now an official honorary member, i would like to extend a big RP welcome to two of the finest ladies around......
on May 26, 2007


OMG Terigw and Fairyy~! Rat Packers!?!

Wait, and Ms. Fairyy~ gets to wear the tiara too!

Haven't I bowed down to you enough woman?

You're a Rat Packer now! So take that tiara, put it on, and go get us some food! Chop chop!   

I love you, I'm hungry!!  

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